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Berlin rapper’s stunt sets off homophobia row

Berlin rapper Bass Sultan Hengzt released an album cover calculated to smoke out homophobia among listeners, prompting what Germans love to call a “Sh*tstorm”. More »

Eurovision - Australia - 2015

Rumours are true – Australia to compete in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest

Yes, you read that right! More »

Jennifer Knapp

Jennifer Knapp – LGBT issues of faith – musical performance and talk

Jennifer Knapp’s TEDx talk from University of Nevada which just went live earlier this week. More »

Carole King

Carole King releases ‘A Beautiful Collection – The Best Of’ on March 2nd

Sony Music, are proud to release Carole King’s ‘A Beautiful Collection – The Best Of’ on March 2nd. More »

Byron Rice

Christian Musician Comes Out as Gay and HIV-Positive Folk Singer

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Byron Rice is both reinvented and still the same sentimental musician his fans fell in love with. More »

Jackson ft James Yuill – Love Love Love

Love Love Love On January 12, James Yuill of folktronic fame returned, teaming up with British production newcomer Jackson, on ‘Love Love Love’ – An addictive dance/folk fusion full of good vibes, complete with James’ soft distinctive vocals, mellow organs and cool guitars.

Eli Lieb – Zeppelin

Eli Lieb - Zeppelin At the age 20, Lieb left his hometown of Fairfield, Iowa to pursue music dream in New York City. In addition to attending classes at The New School, Lieb began singing at local open mic sessions, where he was introduced to Jonathan Daniel of Crush Management.The two began meeting with record labels and Lieb began collaborating with other songwriters.

Offers Justin Bieber $2 Million For A Scene With Johnny Rapid!

Justin Bieber - Boyfriend Now that we've all seen his beautiful bulge, it's about time we see just how much heat Bieber is packing under there!

Come be a part of Yehonathan new album

Yehonathan Help Yehonathan create his third, full-length English album and music videos.

Naked Highway – Cage

Naked Highway - Cage NYC's electro glam duo Naked Highway kicks off 2015 with release of the "Cage" music video - the flipside to their highly acclaimed iTunes-charting "Cannibal" single! !

A*Base – Never gonna say I´m sorry

abase It's time for next generation Swedish nostalgia, last time the Swedes was doing nostalgic pop music was with A-Teens and ABBA hits, this time around it's time to go back to the 90's and Ace of Base hits with the new pop band called A*Base. Last time it was a big success - do I smell a new Swedish pop music era on it's way ? Don't say you wasn't warned....

Rainbow Directioners welcome One Direction’s LBGTQ support

One Direction - Kiss you The One Direction boys’ statement in support of the London Lesbian & Gay Switchboard in which Zayn Malik notably said “Just be yourself. If that’s who you are, that’s who you are and don’t be afraid to be the person that you are”, is warmly welcomed by Rainbow Direction, the group of LBGTQ+ fans of the band and their allies.

Turkey’s media watchdog fines TV for lesbian kiss in music video

Elliphant Turkey’s media watchdog has fined two music channels for airing music videos with scenes of sexuality, citing Turkish Sexual Health Institute head Cem Keçe’s controversial recent remarks on homosexuality.