New Italian documentary film «Le Favolose»

The Italian Cultural Institute in Sweden presents a new film cycle called «New Italian Film – Glimpses of documentaries» which contains recently released documentaries that look at various aspects of contemporary Italian society.

Transgender women are frequently denied their identification after death. Their families are ashamed of them, so their burials are private, and their tombstones bear the male names they were assigned at birth.

Antonia experienced the same thing. Her friends assemble to honor her, hoping to reclaim the femininity she has been denied. The protagonists, stars of the pioneering transgender constellation, bring this tale to life by recalling their own experiences and reminiscing about their lives.

The documentary is presented by director Roberta Torre and Francesco Di Lella, head of the Italian Cultural Institute.

The Italian Cultural Institute in Stockholm, Sweden is the official Italian governmental body dedicated to promoting Italian language and culture in Sweden.

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