Drag Me Out, Season 1

«Drag Me Out» Norway : Celebrity drag queens in lip sync battle

Twelve Norwegian celebrities pile up on sky-high heels and dress in feathers and sequins, when the program «Drag Me Out» thunders into TVNorge and discovery + this spring.

Jan Thomas is the main judge when TVNorge and Discovery + celebrate the drag culture with an explosion of glam, glitter and a total lack of self-assurance. In each program of «Drag Me Out», two celebrities are assigned their own drag mentor who will give them a crash course in drag culture and prepare them for the ultimate drag duel that awaits – an epic lip sync battle. The winner gets neither a car nor a million kroner, but can adorn himself with the prestigious title «tonight’s drag queen».

It’s a party to witness twelve Norwegian celebrities take their maiden voyage as drag queens. The transformation they go through is absolutely insane, and the love they put into their performance is incredibly touching. With this program, we show that it’s okay to be just the way you are, but also how important it is not to take yourself too seriously. I think everyone, both women and men, deserves to be allowed to drag at least once in their lives, says Jan Thomas.

Celebrates LGBTQ cultural year

Drag YouTuber Marius Hagen, also known as Pamela The Pam, sits on the permanent judging panel with Jan Thomas, and the program is led by Janne Formoe. In addition, they will be joined by a new, well-known guest judge in six spectacular and sequin-dripping show programs this spring.

There is really no doubt that this will be the wildest TV party of the year, but «Drag Me Out» is also helping to mark a LGBTQ cultural year 2022. This year it is 50 years since sex between men was decriminalised in Norway, and the front line in the fight for this the law change was drag queens. Along with trans women, it was drag queens who fought, with fists and stiletto heels, in the Stonewall uprising in New York in 1969, and this was the starting shot for the gay struggle in the world, and in Norway. It is an honour for both us and the «Drag Me Out» celebrities to be part of marking this, and to celebrate diversity in 2022, says Magnus Vatn, program director at Discovery.

«Drag Me Out» premieres in the spring of 2022, and marks a LGBTQ cultural year on Discovery + together with the documentary series «UT» and a separate LGBTQ episode of Naked Attraction. Among the celebrities who will fight so powder and glitter splashes are Stian «Staysman» Thorbjørnsen, Herman Dahl, Didrik Solli-Tangen, Hasse Hope, Magnus Devold, Eskil Pedersen, Erik Follestad, Petter Pilgaard and Leif Einar «Lothepus» Lothe. The program’s six drag mentors are Skrellex, Puffie Mantrap, Zelda Illusion, Diva Dean, Naby Yeon Geisha and Tatjana Zapphire.

Photo by Cato Ingebrigtsen – Drag Me Out, Season 1 – Janne Formoe, Jan Thomas og Pamela The Pam (Marius Hagen).

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