Gentleman Jack

HBO ditches «Gentleman Jack» leaving BBC hit show’s future uncertain

HBO has cancelled Sally Wainwright’s «Gentleman Jack», leaving its UK-based coproduction partner the BBC unsure about the show’s future.

The drama, which was produced by BBC Studios-owned Lookout Point, starred Suranne Jones as nineteenth-century landowner and industrialist Anne Lister, reports.

The first season was a major hit for the BBC, with the show receiving a second season commission less than a week after the first episode aired on BBC One back in 2019, but it has fared badly on HBO in the U.S.

That prompted the Warner Bros. Discovery-owned operator to end its involvement the drama, adding that it would not be moving forward with a third season.

That confirms if something should survive on HBO Max or Discovery Max – it needs to be popular in the U.S… so HBO Max are still think in the same old box it seems.


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