«HBO Max» becomes expensive «Max»

«HBO Max» is now simply known as «Max», but it still has a ton of shows, ranging from fiction and animation to cheap reality TV (offered for a high price) and home improvement.

Warner Bros. Discovery formally announced intentions to rebrand its «HBO Max» video streaming service to just «Max» later this month in U.S, thus the rebranding process has already started. In addition to numerous «Discovery favourites!»/ «Dplay». Max will then provide the same selection of television programs and motion pictures as HBO Max, reports.

Beginning on Sunday, 23 May 2023,  Max will be available for streaming in the U.S (replacing HBO Max), with international availability beginning in 2024. For Max, new customers can select one of three monthly plans: $9.99 (ad-supported), $15.99 (ad-free), or $19.99 (no advertisements, 4K streaming). They are selling Discovery cheap reality shows as expensive content.

Who knows why it’s so important to remove HBO from the name and spend lots of money to remove the HBO name. But who cares ? the bill are anyways sent to us viewers.

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