Georgie Stone

«The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone»

Spanning 19 years, «The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone» is a 29-minute documentary that reveals the memories of Georgie Stone, an Australian transgender teen as she helps change laws, affirms her gender, finds her voice and emerges into adulthood.

Spanning nineteen years, «The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone» takes us into the world of Georgie Stone, an Australian transgender teen as she helps changes laws, affirms her gender and finds her voice.

It’s the day of Georgie’s gender affirmation surgery. As her family lovingly wait, we learn Georgie’s life story. Until this point, tumultuous change has consumed Georgie’s life – she has helped change laws, her family and society – yet remarkably Georgie’s coherence of self, from toddler to 18 year old, is undeniable. Told through intimately accessed footage as well as a trove of beautiful home-shot video, this is a portrait of a remarkable life told as a study in memory, glimpsing significant moments of joy, triumph and fight.

Made in collaboration with Georgie herself, this is the story of a childhood under siege and a loving family who stood strong behind their daughter, offering a strong case for the agency of transgender children and teenagers to make their own decisions about their gender identity. As Georgie emerges into adulthood, she can finally imagine, hope and dream of her future self.

You get a glims of how Georgie managed obstacles that she needed do, to becoming the woman she is today.

«The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone» are now streaming on Netflix.

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