Hating Peter Tatchell

«Hating Peter Tatchell» film out on Netflix in Australia and New Zealand

Documentary chronicles Peter Tatchell’s 52 years of LGBT+ campaigning, released earlier this year on Netflix in Europe.

Hating Peter Tatchell is a major new documentary film about Australian-born, now London-based, activist Peter Tatchell and his 54 years of LGBT+ and other human rights campaigning.

It is available on Netflix in Australia and New Zealand (and the rest of the world) from 22 September 2021: www.netflix.com/title/81422831

From Executive producers Elton John and David Furnish and WildBear Entertainment, «Hating Peter Tatchell» is the powerful and inspiring true story of the controversial campaigner whose protests rocked the Establishment, revolutionised attitudes and laws on homosexuality, and exposed tyrants and injustice across the world.

Featuring rare archive and an intimate conversation between Peter and celebrated actor Ian McKellen, there are also evocative interviews with his Australian mother, the former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey, actor Stephen Fry, the ex-head of the UK LGBT+ group Stonewall Angela Mason, 1970s pop star Tom Robinson, the world’s first out cabinet minister Chris Smith and photo journalist Adrian Arbib who reported on some of Peter’s best-known protests.

It follows Peter’s childhood life and influences in Melbourne, including his involvement in the movement against the Vietnam War and the draft in the 1960s

The film shadows him as he embarks on his bid to protest at the FIFA World Cup in Moscow in 2018, to draw attention to the persecution of LGBT+ people in Russia and Chechnya. We witness his arrest near Red Square and the Kremlin.

«Hating Peter Tatchell» also includes Peter’s confrontations with Mike Tyson (2002) and Robert Mugabe (1999 and 2001), his Bermondsey by-election bid for parliament in 1983 (the most homophobic election in British history), staging the first LGBT+ protest in a communist country (East Germany 1973), and his Easter Sunday protest in Canterbury Cathedral in 1998 against the anti-gay policies of the then leader of the global Anglican church, Archbishop George Carey.

Peter’s campaign record includes 3,000 non-violent protests, 100 arrests, 300 violent assaults, 50 attacks on his flat, half a dozen plots to kill him and thousands of death threats.
Producer is Veronica Fury (WildBear Entertainment) and director is Christopher Amos.

This film was funded with the support of Screen Australia, Screen Queensland, Melbourne International Film Festival Premiere Fund and WildBear Entertainment in Queensland.

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