The Venus Effect

Danish «The Venus Effect» on Sky Showtime

Early-20s woman Liv (Johanne Milland Pedersen) works on the family’s provincial horticultural farm.

The intrepid Andrea (Josephine Park) enters her life just as she has severed her ties with her parents, Sofie Grbl and Lars Mikkelsen. Andrea has a chaotic existence that is in many respects quite dissimilar from Liv’s way of living, and Liv finds Andrea and her perspective on life to be fascinating.

Liv must determine once and for all who she is and where she belongs while things simultaneously take a very unexpected turn in the family. She also learns that love and family can be expressed in a variety of ways.

«The Venus Effect» is a romantic comedy about daring to love each other and yourself – a funny and warm story about family and finding yourself in love.

«The Venus Effect» are now streaming on Sky Showtime in the Nordics.

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