QAF 2022

Viaplay goes all in for Pride

This year Viaplay goes all in on Pride and makes it much easier to find LGBTQ content on the platform.

Below you’ll see a list of LGBTQ content you’ll be find on Viaplay in the Nordic, so check with local Viaplay what LGBTQ are available in your region if you’re not in the Nordic region.

The search keyword LGBTQ will be the easies way to find LGBTQ on Viaplay platform from now on and that should be the same no matter what region your are in. Viaplay have chosen to show their Pride when the biggest Pride in country has their biggest Pride – usually that is when the country’s capital has Pride events.

In the Nordics Viaplay has the rights of the reboot of Queer as Folk and will be premiering on 31st July 2022.

LGBTQ Movies on Viaplay * Series on Viaplay *
Call Me By your Name Sort of
Carol Shrill
Milk L-word (2004)
Dallas Buyers Club The Handmaid’s tale
Stage Mother (expires on 30/6) The Fosters
God’s Own Country Black Sails
Ammonite Thunder in my Heart
I Love you Philip Morris Vida
Colette Queer as folk (Premieres on 31st July 2022)
Happiest Season (expires on. 31/8) Everything’s Gonna Be Okay
The Hours
The Kids are alright
The World to come
The Handmaiden
The Perks of Being a wallflower
Joe Bell

* This list might change, like some are removed and some are added – it’s not set in stone.

If you find something on Viaplay that isn’t categorised as LGBTQ, that should be – tell them, I’m sure they will be Happy to hear from you !

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