Blurred Lines

An unapologetically homoerotic study of profound male friendship

Janik and Samuel are uncommonly close best friends celebrating the end of their time at high school.

Their worlds are different : Janik (Emil von Schönfels) has parents who always do everything right, while Samuel (Mekyas Mulugeta) comes from a broken home. Samuel wants order, Janik wants chaos. Complicating matters further, sex and sexuality are never far from the surface for both- a thoughtless moment threatening to derail their bond forever.

In an attempt to rekindle their relationship the boys set off on a trip to Istanbul, but the blurred line that has been crossed proves hard to re-establish. A thoroughly modern take on the bonds that develop between young men, «Blurred Lines» is an unapologetically homoerotic study of profound male friendship

«Blurred Lines» / «Räuberhände» – Coming to DVD and VOD November 8

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