Down In Paris

A heady night in Paris…

A beautifully evocative «night-in-the-life» gay fever dream, «Down In Paris» follows Richard Barlow, a filmmaker, who, after experiencing an unexplained anxiety attack on the set of his latest film, wanders in to the Parisian night looking for answers, comfort and inspiration

As encounters with strange characters and a series of sexy and thought provoking events ensue, Richard is forced to finally confront his innermost fears and desires.

Writers : Raphaël Bouvet (collaborating writer) Pierre Guiho and Antony Hickling
Directors : Antony Hickling
Starring : Antony Hickling, Jean-Christophe Bouvet, Dominique Frot
Genres : Drama, LGBTQ
Subtitles : English
Audio Languages : French
Certification (UK): 18
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«Down In Paris» – Coming to DVD and VOD March 28

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