The Last Conception

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The Sikand family learns they are part of an ancient bloodline and the only hope at continuing is their gay daughter Savarna.

Savarna’s family is thrown into chaos when her parents reveal they are direct descendants of Siddartha Gautama, Buddha himself!

Under pressure to produce an heir to the royal bloodline, things are made even more complicated by the fact Savarna has come out to her family as a gay woman.

Now unsure if she believes in the family myth or even the idea of Buddhism, Savarna must contend with not only her family but spiritual forces at work to ensure her fateful path.

After many well-received short films such as «Cutter» and «Absence», Gabriela Ledesma made an immediate impact on the festival circuit with her first full-length feature «Blue». This won over 30 prizes including numerous Best Picture and Best Director awards. Her resume includes an associate, bachelors and masters degrees in film-making and is the co-creator of her own production company, Poison Pictures.

Callie Schuttera (playing Charley Burnell) was nominated for ten Best Actress awards on the festival circuit for her work in the feature film «Blue». She is the co-creator of Poison Pictures and the co-producer/co-star of The Last Conception.

This is not the typical LGBTQ or Indian movie, that of are full of comedy and family drama ! See the trailer below !

«The Last Conception» are now available on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and Microsoft!

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